Ukash – proper banking solution for poker players

Ukash is a simple but yet extremely smart answer for many peoples fears and worries when transferring money online. By buying vouchers with a code that is translated into money, you can play online without having to give any of your personal bank details.

Plan and Play with Ukash

Ukash vouchers can be bought at most local shops which support the Paypoint, Payzone or Epay systems. You can buy vouchers in different denominations from GBP5 up to GBP 499, in cash. On the voucher you will receive a 19 digit code, this is your money. In order to start using it, all you have to do is tap in the 19 digit number and the cash that you spent at the local shop is now transferred online to casino credits. Ukash is a very good system that helps you budget how much you want to play at a casino, once you have spent your Ukash voucher there is no more.

Order Ukash Online

Apart from local shops, you can also buy Ukash vouchers online using online banking or paying at your local bank in person. The voucher with the 19 digit code is then sent to your email or SMS and you can start playing immediately. One of the main advantages of Ukash is that it is instant, there is no waiting around for transfers to be accepted or credit approved. It simply is cash that you can play with immediately.

Combine, Split or Convert Ukash Vouchers

Playing poker at Canadian casinos with Ukash does not limit you just to the amount that you have on your voucher. You can combine left over amounts from different vouchers into one voucher or split a large voucher into two or more vouchers to use at different poker rooms, shops or services. This can be done very simply by completing the online forms at https//Ukash.com. If you want to play casino or other games online, buy a service or go shopping at a website that is in another country and uses a different currency from yours, you can convert your Ukash vouchers online. This is also accessed through the Ukash website.

Ukash Users and Incentives

Ukash together with poker rooms and other online businesses offer many incentives for using its vouchers and services. Whether you choose to use Ukash at Canada’s mobile casino or for playing Texas Holdem or even simply bingo, each site offers sign up bonuses and special offers together with Ukash. You can get free money deposited into your casino account when you enter your first Ukash voucher, match deposit bonuses, free entries into sweepstakes and so on.

The advantages of Ukash speak for themselves; it is secure and easy to use. There is no worry of your bank details being hacked into as you are not using them. It is a good way to set yourself a budget and limit your casino play. And most importantly it is a system of online money transaction that is approved and accepted at many of the top online casinos.


Unreleased interview with Tim Ferriss

I figured out that Tim Ferriss probably won’t publish this interview on his blog, so I though you guys might find it useful. Have a blast:

How did you decide on this muse?
After reading the 4HWW, I decided to try and build a system that will allow me to work on it and not in it. I had some experience with designing t-shirts, and I knew a few companies that print and send the shirts straight to the customer. I wanted to target a niche that I was super passionate about, so poker was my natural choice. The fact that most of the work can be outsourced really motivated me to start moving things forward.

What ideas did you consider but reject, and why?
I was thinking about video guitar lessons, but I decided to stick with ideas that can be relatively easy outsourced, and fast to create. I didn’t want to build a business that depends on me being alert and productive constantly.

What were some of the main tipping points (if any) or “A-ha!” moments? How did they come about?
There’s really nothing like the first sale. This feeling that someone is willing to take out his wallet and buy something you made from scratch. From that moment on, your perspective is no longer the same.

What resources or tools did you find most helpful when you were getting started?
When I don’t know how to do something I just ask Google, or hire someone who does know. Reading random technical stuff about Internet marketing will probably get you nowhere.
It took me a while to realize that there are no secrets in this business, you don’t really need to know everything when you’re just starting off.
However, there are three books which I highly recommend you read if you want to create a business which is an asset:

1. The four hour work week
2. The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do About It
3. The magic of thinking big

(All mentioned in the 4HWW as well)

What were your biggest mistakes, or biggest wastes of time/money?
My biggest mistake was probably spending a lot of time and money on things that are not directly related to future business profits. Spending time on logos, web-design and trying to brand yourself can be a dangerous game. Instead of focusing on making things happen, I had a tendency to procrastinate and avoid the really important tasks.

I also spent valuable time trying to do everything by myself, even though the project’s main goal was to build a system that works without me.

What have been your key marketing and/or manufacturing lessons learned?
You think you know who your customers are, and what they want to buy/feel/experience, but you really don’t. Everything has to be tracked and tested – otherwise you’re just gambling.
Internet business owners have a privilege others don’t – we can collect statistics and decide which channels to invest in. It’s a shame not to take advantage of this great gift.
Today I can tell which keywords covert and which don’t, and more importantly – I know which traffic source best converts to sales.
However, you will need to drive large amounts of traffic, In order to collect sufficient statistics.
Be where your target group is, and be a part of their community – all the rest is trial and error.

If you used a manufacturer, how did you find them? What are your suggestions for first-timers?
There are a few reputable well-known print on demand companies out there, so finding one shouldn’t be a problem (just Google “print on demand t-shirt stores”). The tricky part is choosing the one that is right for you. There are many aspects to consider:
Do they allow you to use your own domain name? Which printing techniques do they use? Is it possible to track sales? What will be your profit margin? Which payment options are available? Do they ship worldwide?

Any key PR wins? Media, well-known users, or company partnerships, etc.? How did they happen?
Our growth process was relatively slow but steady. However, establishing a partnership with a large company such as Spreadshirt not only helped us outsource most of the boring tasks, but also helped us drive highly-targeted traffic to our store.
I managed to establish relationships with Spreadshirt employees by simply being out there, helping other shop owners and participating in the community.

Where did you register your domain?

Where did you decide to host your domain?

If you used a web designer, where did you find them?
I designed it myself, though a better move would have been outsourcing the entire thing or using a ready-made template.

If you were to do it all over again, what would you do differently?
1. Start outsourcing parts of the project from day one.
2. Move things much quicker.
3. Spend almost every cent on attracting direct traffic.

What’s next?!
What I really like about this concept is that it is quite easy to develop it further.
I can duplicate this project and expand into other niches. I can also build a mini-site around my shop and diverse my income streams (do some affiliate marketing, place adsense ads, sell advertising space, etc…). In addition, It is always possible to add more products and try other marketing channels.

Nevertheless, I never stop experimenting and looking for new thrills, challenges and adventures.


Luck vs. Skill – playing poker at a casino

Playing poker online has mass appeal for a good reason. Keeping running odds rolling through the mind is one of the greatest achievements anyone can hope for. With Einstein like genius and intuition, some seem to know what the other players’ cards are. And, as if Sigmund Freud were sitting at their side, they suck in other players, using the psychology of the bet to bend them to their will, almost forcing them to let loose all their chips.

Winning is not easy but it is doable. To improve odds, a few details should be taken into consideration before embarking on this adventure at a Canadian casino online. The first thing is picking the right play, from poker to roulette games, everyone has a favorite. Three of the most popular poker plays are Texas Hold ’em, Seven Card Stud and Five Card Draw.

In Texas Hold ’em players each receive two face down cards, then the first three, of the five, face up cards come out. At this point players bet or fold. The process repeats itself until all cards are dealt. A winner is determined by the highest hand after the final bets are placed.

Seven Card Stud has two cards dealt face down, then one card dealt face up. Players bet in rounds prior to the next card being dealt face up. After three rounds of face up cards the final, seventh card, comes face down, then ending bets are placed before the remaining players show their hands, with the pot going to the high hand.

Five Card Draw has five cards dealt face down. Initial bets are placed or players fold. Then each player chooses how many of their five cards to keep. After the throwback cards are replaced, the next betting round takes place. The final round of betting may continue for as long as the players have chips to bet. Best hand wins.

Finally, paramount to winning is the psychological edge great gamblers have. When people expect someone to win, they usually do. The clothes a player wears set the tone. More than bringing luck, a carefully chosen poker t-shirt tells everyone, “Hey, I have been here before, and I know what I am doing.” People think twice before they bet against someone who’s very appearance sets them above the rest.

Players who find the game that suits them and pay attention to detail usually win.


5 Reasons why you shouldn’t buy poker shirts (plus one why you should)

1. Because forum folks say it’s douchy – go to any poker related forum on the planet, and ask what they think about people wearing poker shirts. You’ll get answers ranging from “poker shirts are for donks” to “only if someone pays me”.

  • The funny thing is that many poker amateurs have at least one poker shirt in their closet, usually it’s a FullTiltPoker/PokerStars shirt – but well, we all find ourselves walking around like human commercials at one point or another.

2. Because the poker wave is fading – poker isn’t what it used to be five years ago. The game’s popularity is declining, and there are a few reasons why this is happening. I can easily demonstrate this: On April 2010, Google estimated that 21,000 people were typing the keyword “poker shirts” every month; do you know what the keyword’s status is today? (June 2011, if you’re reading this later) – merely 2,400 searches per month (!). And it’s not only the term “poker shirts”, with so many TV channels broadcasting poker 24/7, this kind of decline is not hard to anticipate. Check Google’s insights tool, and see for yourself!

3. Because no one seems to wear them – No one wants to buy something that no one seems to use. There is a myth, that only “poker fish” wear poker shirts, and if you’ve been to a live poker event before – you’re probably nodding your head in agreement right now. You’ll rarely see a poker player wearing a poker t-shirt, and usually that shirt will advertise some dubious online casino. That’s pretty weird, in my opinion, why are there golf and soccer clothing brands, but not poker? No poker brand has ever managed to gain overwhelming popularity among poker players.

What makes it even stranger is that I know that people are buying poker shirts. I know because I sell poker shirts, and thank god, business is going well. The main reason why people don’t wear poker shirts to live events is that they’re too worried about what other people might think about them – while those other people have the same problem.

I once heard someone saying “the only time I’d feel comfortable wearing a poker shirt, is after I’d win the wsop title. Cause if someone would make a comment about my shirt, I could answer – I won the WSOP main event, bitch!”.

The fear of criticism is said to be stronger than the fear of death!

This world is ****ed up.

4. Because you can deposit your money instead – I can think of many other things (than buying poker shirts) you can do with $20, but poker can be addictive. Hell, don’t forget why the FBI shut down the four biggest sites only a month ago. However, just like the ban of alcohol in 1920-1933, poker will probably grow stronger. I guess this is the only reason that is actually hard to argue with, though still – $20 is $20 after all.

5. Because most poker stores are using logos like –

bad poker clothing companies

What’s with the dragons? Do people actually buy this crap?

LOL this has got to be a joke.


And one reason why you should:

Be proud of what you do, and F the haters.


10 Poker gift ideas that don’t suck

Buying a gift for a poker player can be quite tricky, especially if poker isn’t your cup of tea.

This post is the second in an ongoing series providing detailed information about the poker gift industry. You may want to read my previous post “10 poker gifts to avoid – learn how to spot the junk”, to know which poker gifts NOT to give.

Hopefully, by the end of this post you’ll have enough information to find the ideal poker gift for your loved one.

1. Poker chip sets – as I mentioned in my previous post, not all poker chips are considered “acceptable”. In contrast to low-quality plastic chips, clay chips make a great poker gift.
Paulson chips are probably the most desirable poker chips, though, as you can imagine, they are quite expensive. However, there’s no need to go bankrupt, clay chips that weight 9-13.5 grams will do an excellent job. Just make sure they come with a solid carrying case.

How many chips should you buy?
200 chips are suitable for 3-4 players, 400 for 5-6, and 600 for 7-8.

2. Approved poker books – A poker book can be very useful, as long as you choose the right one. If you’re looking for a gift for a beginner (Assuming he wants to play Holdem, the most popular variation of poker), “getting started in Hold’em by Ed Miller” is by far the best one (and I own about 15). “The theory of poker by David Sklansky”, is considered to be one of the greatest poker books ever written, but it does take some knowledge for granted. The best advanced poker book I can think of is “the mathematics of poker by Bill Chen and Jerrod Ankenman”.

3. Rounders – This is a must have poker movie. Mike McDermott (Matt Damon) is a law student and also a pro poker player… When a Russian KGB cleans him out, he swears off cards, and decides to focus on his law studies. But when his longtime friend “worm” (Edward Norton) is released from prison, Mike is soon back at the tables…

Rounders portraits the life of a professional poker player in a very realistic way, and is considered one of the causes of the poker boom – Pulling so many people into the game. This is something every poker player would love to have.

4. A gift Certificate – Various poker sites offer gift certificates, and it can be an excellent way to boost someone’s bankroll, or give a newbie a chance to get started with online poker and play for real money.

5. Superior playing cards – The poker world is divided to two camps – KEM and Copag supporters. They might cost more than you expect, approximately $20 per deck, but they’re worth every penny. If you’re looking for durable, flexible cards that won’t crease, these are the best in the market. Furthermore, their quality and durability make them cheaper (than paper-cards) in the long run. Personally, I use KEM – I’d love to tell you how long they last, but I have yet to wear out a deck.

* There are two major sizes of playing cards. Make sure to get the standard sized deck.

6. Poker table – It’s not the most unique gift in the world, but every poker player needs one.
A dedicated poker table is great, but assuming you don’t plan to invest in new furniture, I’d recommend a table top.  With a cost of $30-$100, table top is a much more practical choice. Besides the budget issue, most table tops can be folded for easy storage. There are a few table-top models available, though I can personally recommend the two-in-one table top that converts to a blackjack table. It fits almost every round table and has individual trays for poker chips and drinks. Most importantly, the green felt is extremely durable and feels soft. The only drawback is that the “blackjack” side of the table has no markings, but I guess I can live with that.

So, unless you host poker games every night of the week (and you don’t mind spending hundreds of dollars on a new poker table), I’d definitely go with a folding table top.

7. Dealer/Blind buttons – That’s a little inexpensive addition you can consider. Dealer/Blind buttons are essential for playing Holdem poker, and are always nice to have. Nothing much to add here.

8. A seat at the WSOP – Any poker player would love to have an opportunity to play at a live event. There are tournaments everywhere, just need to check the WSOP yearly schedule and find a nearby event.

9. Jewelry – In general, poker gifts for men are a lot easier to find than poker gifts for women. Honestly, I don’t like 80% of poker merchandise. It’s obvious that commercial entities are trying to milk this fat poker cow. On the other hand, where there is a necessity, you are likely to find products.

Giving a jewel to someone you care about is always a good idea, and if that person happens to like poker, then a poker themed gift would definitely make sense.

10. Poker clothing (shameless self-promotion) – Full disclosure: I own a poker t-shirt store. Regardless, a nifty poker shirt makes a great gift, and there is nothing you and I can do about it. On my poker gifts to avoid post, you can find information on “what poker shirts not to buy”.


10 poker gifts to avoid – learn how to spot the junk

* You might want to go straight to my “poker gifts that don’t suck” post, I’ll try not to take offense :-)

If I had to write only one sentence that summarizes the entire poker gift industry, it would be something like – beware! 80% of the poker gifts/presents out there are pure junk.

Over the past decade, poker has seen a sharp rise in popularity, which can be attributed to the rapid growth of online gambling and social media. The internet revolution had spread it like fire, and the commercial effect was not slow to arrive. You just can’t imagine how many people try to get on the poker wave, and make a few bucks along the way.

As a poker website owner you can image I bumped into a few products during my brief period of time on this planet, so I decided to do a good deed and list some poker merchandise not worth the money.

Buying garbage presents for your loved ones is something we all want to avoid. So, what do you need to know before you go and look for a poker gift?

1. Automatic card shuffler – Don’t buy this, unless you plan to give it to someone you really hate. I’ve bumped into a few card shufflers before, never seen one actually working. This product will annoy the hell out of anyone.
Do you really expect to get good value for a $10 electronic product? (Even new batteries cost more than the shuffler).
Chances are your new automatic shuffler will end up as a door stop.

2. General poker themed gifts – In this category you’ll find endless poker accessories, from key chains to door signs. Once and for all, if you’re looking for a decent gift idea, stay away from this category – most poker players hate these stuff.

Confession: I still keep a lot of poker stuff related to this category. And yes, when I said I liked it and smiled, I was lying.

However, I do realize that many people prefer to give and receive personalized gifts. Amazon has a few personalized poker gifts you might want to check.

3. Regular items branded as “poker ____” – A few examples are “poker chairs”, “poker food and drink carts”, “poker table legs”. The idea is simple; you take a plain simple chair, name it “poker chair”, and raise its price by 50%.
And you know what? People actually buy these stuff.

4. Plastic poker chips – There are so many different kinds of poker chips in the market that it can be quite difficult to compare and get the best value for your dollar.
But one thing is certain – plastic chips are not a gift a poker player would want. They are wafer thin, and won’t shuffle. Basically, the only good thing about them is that they function (they still are small-rounded discs after all).
The next time you see a cheap plastic tray at Wallmart, don’t be tempted to “get this gift thing over with”.

5. Tournament bracelets – A picture is worth a thousand words =>

In contrast to “this will make your life easier / how to get rich from poker” products, you know exactly what you’ll be getting here.
If you’re looking for a decent gift for a 10 year old boy, this might be a good choice. The sad thing is, I got one when I was 18 years old.

6. Poker training programs – This one’s a bad joke.

Though seriously, if you’re thinking about buying random “get rich from poker” training program, keep in mind that every piece of information needed in order to become a better poker player is available online, at no cost. Signing up to a training program is a total waist of $$$. Money losing advice can be found anywhere, no need to pay $47 to find one.

7. Poker apparel (but hey! You’re entire site is dedicated to poker t-shirts!) – Let me tell you something, poker players are one of the hardest crowds to please. I know. I’ve been running a poker apparel store since 2009.
Poker players hate douchey stuff, you must come up with an extremely funny line or design something truly great – and it takes time and effort. So, what to avoid?

Empty slogans, shirts that say *I’m ALL IN* or terms that no serious player will consider wearing, turning your loved ones into walking commercials (poker companies do offer clothes, but it doesn’t mean you should pay to advertise them).
The problem is that 80% of the poker related shirts you can buy online belong to the “shirts to avoid” category.

8. Random poker books – Similar to the “poker training” niche, many poker books will promise to tell you that one secret that will help you become a professional player, and change your life. Truth is, this magical advice doesn’t exist. Every piece of content is available online – just Google it.
However, there are a few recommended poker books, but this belongs to my poker gifts you should buy post.

9. Poker Magazines – Some are actually quite nice, but a few years have passed since 2005, and we don’t need to tolerate 60% ads anymore. There is a variety of free resources nowadays, just need to look for them. I wouldn’t be bummed if I got a poker magazine as a gift, but you can sure get better value for you money with other products.

10. Don’t buy the following items – Pictures says it all

What the heck should you buy then?

So now that you know which poker gifts not to buy, your next question is probably “what the heck do I buy then?”  Naturally, the next section is about awesome poker gifts that every poker player wants.

10 Poker gift ideas that don’t suck ->


You ask, Spreadshirt’s marketing manager answers!

We get numerous questions from store owners and from people who want to start their own t-shirt companies – So what could be better than asking an expert who knows this area like the palm of her hand?

I’ve collected a few dozen questions sent to me by email in the last few months, and after filtering the repetitive/duplicated/trivial questions, I sent them to Kathrin Lohmann – The marketing manager of one of the biggest and most successful fulfillment services on the planet, Spreadshirt.

If you think this post can be helpful to other store owners, or you have friends considering starting their own t-shirt brand – I’d appreciate your help spreading this interview in every possible way – Facebook, Twitter, Email, Forums or just on a cigarette break.

And now to the questions:

poker store


1. Can you please tell us a bit about yourself and about your responsibilities as the marketing manager of Spreadshirt?

Hi, I am Kathrin and I work as Marketing Manager at Spreadshirt with focus on Shop Partners. My responsibility is mainly to activate and inspire our existing partners especially in the long tail. But also find and activate new partners in Europe.

2. From your experience, what is the most important factor that differentiates successful shop owners from the average ones?

I think the key is to know exactly who your target group is. It is best to be part of this target group yourself in order to know how they think and what they like. Some shop partners sometimes try to create designs that somehow fit to everyone. We experience that this does not work well.

3. Which marketing model would you recommend a new Spreadshirt merchant to focus on?

I think it makes most sense to focus on channels where your target group is. Facebook is a really good channel because on Facebook, there are many groups with special interests. Listen to them and raise their awareness for your shop. Be where your target group is and be part of their community. Create your own Facebook page or other channel to market your shop and run contests there or offer special promotions (which we offer our partners monthly).

4. What are the most common mistakes you see Spreadshirt partners make with their shops?

Most of them think that only having good designs is the key. But they forget that there is a great competition out there, and you need to attract your customers in order to make them buy from your shop. Some expect it to run itself ones set up. Instead you need to update your offer, add new products and designs on a regular basis. You need to create a buzz around your shop and that requires some of your time.

5. Many shop partners find it difficult to maintain two stores (one on the .net platform and one on the .com). Is there any future-plan to unite the EU and US platforms into one?

Yes, there is :-)

6. Lots of people consider getting into the t-shirt industry and starting their own shops, but don’t have enough information about the opportunities and possibilities in this field. Are there shop partners who “make a living” off their Spreadshop?

Yes, we do have some partners who actually live from what they earn with their Spreadshirt shops. There are not many though. Most of our partners have other “jobs” but pimp their salaries by selling shirts online. Some of them only do it for fun and do not take any provision at all. They just love to be creative and offer their ideas to a broad community.

7. There are plenty of print on demand companies out there. What are the main aspects that separate Spreadshirt from the competition?

Well, compared to other online shirt printing companies, we offer a very high quality and a great service. We offer a huge product range that we expand regularly according to our customer needs. Our printing technique is of high quality and we are also able to print large bulk orders in the same Spreadshirt quality. Furthermore, with our API we offer partners high flexibility in how and where to use and integrate their shops. In addition, if they know how to use CSS, they have every option in creating their own shop layout according to their own website or blog.

8. What can shop partners expect to see in the upcoming months at Spreadshirt?

We do a lot of product development. With the new API for example we offer our partners a whole range of new possibilities with their shops. You can check it out here: http://developer.spreadshirt.net/display/API/API

Before I go..

I’d like to thank Omer for providing me the platform to answer your questions, I hope you’ll find this information helpful. I’m looking forward to your feedback.

Cheers from Germany,
Kathrin Lohmann, Marketing Manager Shoppartner.


PokerClub customer support community

happy customers


Tired of back and forth email sessions? So are we.

Poker t-shirt club users now have a new, easy way to communicate with each other, and to talk to our team. We’ve integrated a feedback system into our site, which allow you to leave transparent feedback, ask questions, share ideas and connect with each other.

We’ve been looking for a service that is committed to creating friendly user experiences, and bumped into GetSatisfaction which seemed like the natural choice.
The new community allows us to avoid time consuming one on one emails, while increasing satisfaction. Above all, it’s a proven way to encourage dialogue and improve poker t-shirt club.

So, next time you face an issue, hit the “feedback” button (found on the left-handed side of our shop), and you’ll get a fast response.

However, if you still prefer using the good ol’ contact form, you can do that as well.

Visit the new poker shirt community


It’s free shipping time!

Free shipping on poker giftsIt’s free shipping time, but it won’t last forever!

The code can be used in our US shop, which ships to destinations worldwide (Not sure if we ship to your country?).


* The code is for standard shipping and it’s valid on all orders over $50 – the maximum amount off is $9.50.

This is how you use it:

  • Go to your shopping cart.
  • Scroll down the page until the entry field: “coupon code”.
  • Enter your code and click “redeem coupon”.
  • Then proceed to purchase.


Let me know if you have more questions

* Updated 19/5/2011


The new site is finally up and running!

New poker clothing site

This is it. We finally re-luanched poker t-shirt club yesterday. Let’s go quickly over the new features:

  • AS you can probably tell, we switched from “plain designs”, to models. We believe things are much easier when you can see a real person wearing the shirt you’re interested in. The process is really easy, after you choose a design from the main page, you’ll be able to see how the actual t-shirt fits (by choosing your gender), and to see the enlarged version of the design.
  • We’ve added a neat FAQ page (instead of the traditional help section), which lets you get quick answers to your questions.
  • It is now possible to view all guys/girls/kids tees. There is also a separate section for hoodies and 3xl products.
  • Our Euro-shop is finally up! European poker fans can now get cheaper & faster shipping, and pay in their own currency. It’s not only the prices, but also the payment options – you can now do bank transfer as well. Please visit our shipping page for more information.
  • We’ve added 4 new designs so check em out: Texas Hold’m, Suit up!, lifetime to master and 80% brave 20% lucky.
  • On each product page, you can find detailed information about every single style (shirt description, size chart, printing information and care instructions). We also made it easier for you to share the designs you like with your friends – it is now possible to share every piece of content in whatever social site you prefer.
  • You can leave a comment by using your Facebook/Yahoo/AOL/Hotmail account. No need to register to do that. Say something nice (:
  • Everybody wants discounts. We decided to give you another option (besides the limited time offers): all you gotta do is submit a photo of yourself wearing one of our tees, and we’ll send you a coupon for $5 off your purchase. More information can be found here.

So.. What do you think?

What (services/designs/products) would you like to see us add/change?

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